Buy and Sell Homes Direct

I am an "open agent" which means that I believe in offering my buyers and sellers options that are best for them, even if that means that I make less commission or have to work and think outside the box to bring a buyer and seller together. Because, that is really the END GOAL, right?

First and foremost, I am a licensed real estate agent. There has been alot of change in my industry and we all have to adapt to that change. This is why I am open to helping my buyers find a home even if it is not listed on the MLS, even if it is through a FSBO.

In turn, I offer FSBO's a chance to showcase their homes to MY BUYERS. Which offers my buyers a unique chance to bypass the hectic and competitive market, while still having the help of a professional to navigate them through the process of buying a home. 

This offers a unique advantage for both parties because, I as an agent, become a facilitator of a transaction. Meaning, I don't have to list a sellers home to get thier home sold. I offer my current buyers a list of homes from the FMLS, GAMLS and FSBO who accept the 3% fee to facilitate and complete the entire transaction, from contract to closing with the buyer.

If you are a buyer who would like to have access to "off market" properties or a seller who doesn't want thier information sold and bothered by agents trying to list your home, then that is what I am here for. To provide a no stress, no mess easy transaction for both the buyer and seller. Saving time and money for both. 

I give as much or as little help to each party as needed with an A' la carte option for sellers if they need a little more help through the process. Let me know if you would like to join my buyer and seller list of "off market" homes.

Nancy Gorrow


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